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Still Under the Direction of Randy Sparks


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The New Christy Minstrels®

Under the Direction of Randy Sparks
won a Grammy for their very first album


The New Christy Minstrels®
Still Under the Direction of Randy Sparks
won their Star on The Walk of Stars in 2009
presented during their concert at
The McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, California


The late Eddie Boggs is dearly missed and will always be alive in our hearts.



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The New Christy Minstrels®
Under the Direction of Randy Sparks

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Folk Music Legends, the world-famous group, The New Christy Minstrels®, is still under the direction of Randy Sparks, and the group is now BETTER than they were in their hey-day. The NCM won a Grammy for their very first album and have Gold Records galore. The group, now officially seven members strong, is a mix of old and new and it's now the best collection of performers ever to have been billed as The New Christy Minstrels®: founder Randy Sparks, Tholow Chan, Becky Jo Benson, Sue Harris, Greg O’Haver, Dave Rainwater, John Denver’s Uncle Dave Deutschendorf, and on occasion Ed Stockton. Each performer adds a diverse and unique talent to the pool. "We're still alive, we're still creative, and still eager to please, so we make a deal with the audience: We'll do all the old songs you came to hear, if you'll allow just a couple of newer ones," says the group's leader Randy Sparks. The same songwriter who penned their hits: Today, Green,Green, Saturday Night, Denver, and Mighty Mississippi, etc. is still at it, and the Randy Sparks magic is quite happily alive and well, and bringing their NEW CD titled “Nice Time To Be Alive” released in July of 2013, as well as their Greatest Hits CD, which includes songs listed above, titled “RECYCLED”. Autographs are given after the concert so that the group can thank the nice people for coming to their concert. No performing group has ever spawned so many successful musical careers as The New Christy Minstrels®.  "For over fifty years we have been the best talent show ever," says Sparks. " We still are." Don’t miss any opportunity to see this stellar group in concert! Buy tickets early, as their concerts usually sell out quickly.
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