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Just Plain Amazing

We provide outstanding entertainment with our live concerts across the country. We love what we do! Our audience comes to relax and sing along with the HITS that they remember from the sixties and seventies, while enjoying a few NEW SONGS performed with the fabulous harmonies of this one and only big Folk group!

A Smooth Operation Performed By Experienced Professionals

A lot of pride, and attention to details, goes into our concerts to create not just a concert, but a musical happening! Want to book this group? Booking us is an easy process and we love to work! Becky Jo Benson generates all Contracts, Tech Riders, Graphics, and any help that we can provide with marketing our act is gladly donated to help fill the seats. No one has ever lost money on our act! Bookings are handled in house as concert Presenters deal directly with us.

Enhanced With Our Own Exceptional Sound System

We bring our own complete sound system, set it up, and operate this fantastic sound system from stage during our concerts. We can run two lines to the House Main Speakers of your facility, or use our Main Speakers which we have with us–which ever is the BEST sound. After years of experience, we can guarantee a consistently AWESOME sound quality throughout our concerts.


What Do We Provide You?

You Will Be Delighted By Such Great Entertainment!

This act has a 100% record of at least one standing ovation per concert since Randy Sparks revised the line up of performers in 2010!

Contracts, Tech Riders, Updated Graphics, Help With Marketing

We provide a prompt response to any offers for bookings, as well as an expedited contract/tech rider for each event. We do not require a deposit to hold any dates, and we are easy to work with.

A Superior Sound System

We travel with our own complete sound system, which we set up, and operate from the stage. This to insure that our audience is provided the best possible sound system to highlight this stellar group of entertainers.

Contact to book The New Christy Minstrels®

Becky Jo Benson (323) 940-0880


Who will you see on stage?

We would LOVE to see you in our audience!

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(Photo Below) Left to right: Greg O’Haver, Uncle Dave Deutschendorf, Becky Jo Benson, Randy Sparks, Cousin Dave Rainwater, Ed Stockton, Tholow Chan

Please join us at the Meet & Greet tables after each concert!

Stop by after each concert so that we can meet you, and thank you for coming!  This is also a great time to take photos with us.  We love to give autographs!

The latest reviews

The New Christy Minstrels still tour under the direction of founder Randy Sparks.

Great show, self-contained production, low maintenance. Strong sales around the country, I’ve sold them out almost every time they are here.

Richard D. Haerther
Artistic Director
Carrollwood Cultural Center
4537 Lowell Road
Tampa, FL 33618

March 5, 2018 Carrollwood Cultural Center



  • Performing Arts Centers
  • Concert Series Associations
  • Large Theaters
  • Residential Community Facilities
  • Large Concert Halls
  • Corporations
  • Private Party Concerts
  • Banquet Dinner Concerts


At least one standing ovation.
We are hired back at the same facility.
We give autographs after the concert.
We discover that the concert was sold out.

from the blog

The List (bragging rights for R. Sparks)

In 2007, when I was about to lead my restored group, The New Christy Minstrels (still under the direction of Randy Sparks) in a hugely important concert at Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, I was worried about filling all the seats, so I got in touch with an old friend, a former waitress from my nightclub (rehearsal hall with an audience) Ledbetter’s on Westwood Blvd. in Los Angeles.  She had by then morphed into a very successful flack, a Hollywood publicity agent, and I wanted to hire her for a few weeks to help the people, our audience, remember us fondly.  She told me as tactfully as she could that I couldn’t afford her services, and when she mentioned how much her well-healed clients paid to get their familiar names in the paper, I agreed; I couldn’t afford her.  But she did give me some sage advice.  For free.   “Instead of offering your readers the same-old boring bio that they always get from an act or an entertainment personality, give them something different.  Make a list of your accomplishments or things that have happened in your life that set you aside from all the other people in Tinsel Town.  Sit down and think of those things that others have not done.  You ought to be able to come up with at least a dozen.”   I am beholden to her for that bit of guidance, and what fun it was to think about my various merit badges.   The Bible says in Proverbs 27:2, ‘Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips,’ and I fully realize that some of these items shall be seen as violations of my life-long personal pledge of humility, but I’m simply following orders.  And, by the way, these aren’t necessarily in any order of importance…  I’m not going to mention ALL of the items on my personal list of bragging rights, nor have I been able to accurately place them in order of importance, but here are some…     Discovered and named John Denver (against his will, and his daughter recently thanked me that her name wasn’t Deutschendorf).  He lived rent-free with my family his first year in showbiz.  Recorded him for Capitol Records long before he recorded for RCA. Steve Martin became a stand-up comic on my stage (I had hired him as a […]


Now, here’s something that doesn’t happen to everyone.  In 1959, I wrote a song titled ‘Julianne.’  It was crafted like an ancient folk ballad, and people liked it right away.  I’d made-up the story, and also the title, as I didn’t know anybody named Julianne.  It was simply a folksy name that seemed to fit my tale.  Twenty and thirty years down the road, I began meeting young women named Julianne, and they all seemed to have a need to credit me for their mothers’ choice of names.  My music, it seems, had touched people, real people, and though its not quite the equivalent of solving problems in physics, I was beginning to feel a wee bit more important.  When we worked Preacher Ron’s Cabin-In-The-Woods near Wauseon, Ohio last November, we met one of these Juliannes at the autograph table after our concert, and she magically showed-up for the jam session at Dr. Ron’s house in Toledo a day later.  She’d brought along her guitar, and that was amazing.  I had never before met a Julianne who could play and sing so well. When we performed in Burl Ives’ hometown of Newton, IL on Burl’s 109th birthday, our special Julianne was there, and she asked if she could join us onstage.  By now, she’d learned and rehearsed most of the songs we’d sung and played at Wauseon.  Wow!  Her sister and mother were there also, and that was another first for me.  I’d met perhaps a dozen of these Juliannes over the years, but never had I met any of the mothers who’d made use of the name I’d contributed.  I was able to tell this story, and also introduce the lovely older lady who’d honored my creativity.  The audience appreciated the moment.  Julianne then told one and all that she’d been shocked to learn that her name was gleaned from such a sad song, and she’d asked her mother why.  “I liked the song and the name,” came the answer; “I didn’t listen so much to the words.”

Randy Sparks wrote this for his mom. (Click here to see the player, then click on the triangle to play the song)

Randy Sparks wrote this song for his mom and sang it to her on Mother’s Day.  ‘Take Your Mother To Brunch’ is on The New Christy Minstrels’ CD titled ‘NICE TIME TO BE ALIVE’ and is for sale at all the live concerts.  This CD was recorded, and mixed by The NCM Sound Engineer, Becky Jo Benson, and Mastered by Fab Dupont of Pure Mix Studio, New York, New York.

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