Randy Sparks wrote this for his mom. (Click here to see the player, then click on the triangle to play the song)

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Randy Sparks wrote this song for his mom and sang it to her on Mother’s Day.  ‘Take Your Mother To Brunch’ is on The New Christy Minstrels’ CD titled ‘NICE TIME TO BE ALIVE’ and is for sale at all the live concerts.  This CD was recorded, and mixed by The NCM Sound Engineer, Becky Jo Benson, and Mastered by Fab Dupont of Pure Mix Studio, New York, New York.

The Burl Ives Mobile Museum

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The New Christy Minstrels Foundation is presenting a precious collection of Burl Ives memorabilia in this moving museum to celebrate the life of singer, performer, actor, and dear friend of Randy Sparks, the late Burl Ives.  First stop for viewing will be Burl Ives birthplace of Newton, Illinois in Jasper County, June 14th (which would have been Burl’s birthday).  For details, please click on UPCOMING EVENTS and scroll down to June 14, 2018.  Then the moving museum will travel to be parked next to the River Inn, Brownville, Nebraska during The New Christy Minstrels’ concerts there on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17th and Monday, June 18th for the 2:00 PM concert in the Brownville Concert Hall, Brownville, Nebraska.  If you buy a ticket to any of the above concerts, then you deserve a tour through the Burl Ives Mobile Museum.  See you there!

Who wrote ‘Mighty Mississippi’?

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April 26, 2018, Steve (Slim) E. asked:  Who wrote Mighty Mississippi?  I searched the web and didn’t find its author. RANDY SPARKS wrote Mighty Mississippi while on board the airplane that was bringing The New Christy Minstrels back from their concert at Carnegie Hall, New York City, New York.  The Captain of the airplane announced that they were flying over the Mighty Mississippi and folks could see it if they looked out the window.  This view inspired Randy Sparks to start writing and singing the song, Mighty Mississippi, which he completed before they landed the airplane.  Then he started teaching the song to the group, and they recorded Mighty Mississippi shortly after.

LAND OF GIANTS . . .Question and Comments from Randy Sparks, Casey J., and John H. April 24, 2018

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Randy Sparks writes: One of the advantages of folk music happens to be that so many of the beloved stories told in song belong to all of us, that is, they are in the public domain, free of copyright protection, and every folksinger worth his keep is allowed, even expected, to make improvements in the retelling the tale.  One of my goals in life is to keep old-fashioned music alive and entertaining.  ‘The Land of Giants’ album was a favorite project of mine, and I wanted to celebrate the American spirit through some of its heroes.  The John Henry song had been sung to death by nearly everybody, and I simply wanted to create a better vehicle to carry the message.  Columbia Records wanted no part of my entertaining ‘painless history’ lesson, but I ran my own group, and didn’t take direction very well.  History teachers over the past 54 years have thanked me for the effort, and that’s much better than money.    Question from C. Jones, about the John Henry song in The Land of Giants: Hi! I am working on an empathetic research paper centered on an American folk song, and  I chose your version of “John Henry and the Steam Drill” for it. However, I can’t find any information on WHY you guys wrote and recorded the John Henry song or why you made the Land of Giants album. Could you tell me what inspired you guys to make the song? Thank you! Comment from John H. Hi, I just wandered through your Web site here thinking of how much I used to love listening to the group’s Columbia LPs back in the 1960s. I discovered a lot of Americana and the joy of harmony in those records. I loved “Land of Giants.” I always hoped the group could have its own movie, something about the backstage personalities and how they all came together on stage. Just wanted to say thank you to Mr. Sparks for giving me that. God bless you for keeping this music alive.    

Observation from Randy Sparks

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Then, if there’s any time left, please offer a guess about how Native Americans and primitive tribes of Mexico and Central and South America learned how to prepare corn to keep it from killing people.  Did you know that Gene Autry’s mother quite likely died from eating corn?   When Columbus came to the New World, he was excited to take back with him a miracle food the natives called maize.  It grew rapidly and was wonderfully inexpensive, but Europeans and Asians who eagerly made use of this breakthrough food began to die-off, as in a plague.  So, why didn’t our so-called Indians and indigenous Mexicans suffer?  The answer was in preparation.  They had learned to make hominy, to free the trapped niacin by bathing the maize in lime water or an alkaline solution.  Did they have chemistry classes?  No, but someone obviously had solved the problem EARLY on.  Corn is, in effect, poisonous if it’s over-consumed, and when it’s all that poor people can afford, here comes pellagra.  I’ve learned there was an epidemic of sorts during the Great Depression, hence Gene’s mother’s death.  People without funds grew and ate corn.  It kept them alive for a while. 

Question from one of our fans.

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QUESTION from Konsultan Pajak Jakarta Slattern Hi! I know this is somewhat off-topic however I needed to ask. Does running a well-established blog such as yours require a lot of work? I am completely new to writing a blog however I do write in my diary on a daily basis. I’d like to start a blog so I can easily share my own experience and thoughts online. Please let me know if you have any kind of suggestions or tips for new aspiring blog owners. Thank you! RESPONSE from Becky Jo Benson Hi!  We are happy that you visited our web site!  I truly believe that you can do anything in this world as long as there are YouTube instructional videos.  I am using WordPress to build this web site, and my theme is ‘Sydney’ because it like the way it looks, plus there are many YouTube instructional videos on line from which you can learn what the buttons are for.  You already write in your diary, so you are accustomed to writing down your thoughts.  You can DO THIS!  Never give up, and enjoy what you do. . . the rest will follow.  Wishing you all the best! Becky Jo

From Randy Sparks. The year was 1955. . .

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This is a photo of an OLD man returning to a former haunt. The Victorian building behind me once housed The Florentine Club in Shreveport.  While I was there, a new act was appearing less than a block away at the Civic Auditorium: Elvis Presley. There were times when my life seemed to be scripted, and this photo recalls one of the most meaningful couple of weeks I ever had.  The year was 1955, and I was working my very first job away from San Francisco home territory, namely Hollywood (actually West Los Angeles), John Walsh’s 881 Club, 881 La Cienega Blvd.  I was the youngest performer, so I opened the show, and the headliners were all ladies: Julie London, Kipp Hamilton and Pat Carroll, over a three week period.  I felt that I was doing well, as the audience liked me, but after one of my best shows, a man sitting alone at one of the front tables called me over as I was exiting the stage, and said I should go back to wherever I came from, as I didn’t have “what it takes,” and I’d be saving myself “a lot of heartache.”  He looked familiar, and Lucien the cook told me it was Gordon McRae.  The very next night, another man sitting alone, one table over from where Gordon McRae had sat, said to me, “That’s pretty good, kid, but your name isn’t Lloyd Sparks…I haven’t yet figured out what it is, but I will, and I’ll come back and tell you.”  “Who’s that, Lucien,” I asked.  “That’s Henry Willson, the biggest independent agent in Hollywood, and his thing is naming people…Rory Calhoun, Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter, all the actors at Universal…”  Wow!     The newest lady singer was very nice to me, and one day she said, “How would you like to go to Dallas with me?  We could have a good time.”  I didn’t know what to say.  She was at least five years my senior, and I was just about to turn a very young 22 by then.  She saw my uneasiness, then explained that her agent in Texas was in the process of booking her into one of two hotels, either the Baker or the Adolphus, and it would be her own show, so she got to pick her opening act, she said, and she wanted me to be there with her.  Wow!  She asked for my bio […]

Note from one of our dear fans!

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Sunday, April 15, 2018 Dear Becky Jo: I just wanted to take a moment to send a note to say thank you again for the concert I attended. It was back in November (November 10) in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.  I was the gentleman with a bag full of lps and cds for Randy to sign. My wife and I drove two and half hours for the concert and I don’t regret a single moment.  I grew up listening to the New Christy Minstrels albums, over and over, and Randy Sparks and the New Christy Minstrels are probably the only group I would travel that distance to see. I’d like to explain that I am not a ‘typical’ fan.  I have spent my career working as a stage manager for live theatre.  I have worked on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and at some of the premiere theatres around the country, such as The Kennedy Center and the Pasadena Playhouse.  My business has been working with big names and with stars and as such I am not usually prone to being awestruck by an individual. I was awestruck when I met Randy. I was meeting the man whose life’s work has inspired me and certainly in many ways, shaped me.  There aren’t many people about whom I can say that.  It was as much a thrill for me to talk with Randy after the concert as it was to listen to all of you playing such great music.  I can’t express how much I valued that Randy took the time out of his schedule to just chat with me and my wife. In our post-concert talk, Randy mentioned that he was working on a museum of/for Burl Ives.  If there is any sort of email list for updates on this, I would gladly sign on to it. Please feel free to convey my thanks to Randy and to all the members of The New Christy Minstrels for the great concert and for continuing the work of bringing great music to the world. Thank you and sincerely, Daniel M. RESPONSE FROM RANDY SPARKS Thanks much, Daniel.  YOU are, of course, the reason we make the effort to get here and there across the country.  We meet people like you at just about every show, and what a thrill that is for me.  You have to know that singing into a microphone to make a record or entertaining […]

Personal message from ‘The Director’ himself…

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There’s a scrap of wisdom in the Bible that I have always regarded as truth, and I’ve made an effort to follow its guidance.  I don’t recall the exact wording or where it’s to be found, but it has validity for me.  Roughly, it says: ‘Allow any cheering for yourself to be done by others.”  I’ve done that all of my adult life, but now that I’m nearing the end of my game, and as the world seems to have become so much more competitive, I’m thinking that I should perhaps speak-out.  I still have a few dedicated fans in my cheering section, but so many of the ones who were the most sincere and loudest in their praises have gone away to that Great Hootenanny In The Sky, and the younger ones that are still here tend not to know how really cool I am.    In 2007, when I had finally put together what I considered to be a valid reproduction of The New Christy Minstrels, vintage 1962-’64, we were about to perform in a wonderful venue near downtown Los Angeles, Cerritos Center For The Performing Arts, and we’d never been there before, so I began to worry about drawing a big-enough crowd.  ‘What would happen if nobody shows-up,’ I asked myself.  Then I thought, ‘Maybe it’s time to ask for help.’   I knew that one of the waitresses at Ledbetter’s, my folk music nightclub (rehearsal hall with an audience) on Westwood Blvd. in West LA had gone on to become very important as a press agent for Hollywood stars, so I envisioned hiring her for a few weeks to help by getting our name, ‘The New Christy Minstrels (STILL under the direction of Randy Sparks)’ in the paper.  I wrote to her via e-mail, and she said in reply, ‘You can’t afford me.’  Then she told me how well-paid she is, and I was in total agreement.  I COULD NOT afford her.  Then she said she wanted to help, and I was open to her advice.  ‘It’s about your bio,’ she wrote.  ‘Nobody wants to read the same old boring storyline, and I think you should skip all that…just sit-down and make a list of the things in this life that happened to you that maybe didn’t happen to anybody else.  You ought to be able to think of at least ten, I would think.’    […]